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January 5, 2011

      Antelope Valley, California is the western most section of the Mojave Desert, north of Los Angeles in what is known as the High Desert.  With an elevation ranging from 2400 - 3000 feet, the principal cities are Lancaster and Palmdale. The area includes portions of Los Angeles, Kern, and San Bernardino Counties.

      With continuing growth, sometimes called urban sprawl, there is a danger of losing what little remains of open space and wildlife habitat.  Concerned citizens of the area are banding together to monitor and try to control any further loss of air quality, water usage and destruction of our natural area.  The goal is not to ban all growth but to work together and ensure the flora and fauna are not wiped out in the name of progress. 

Click here for larger map

     The current concern of the local rural communities is the influx of renewable energy companies that are buying up land to install photovoltaic and wind turbine systems to satisfy the mandate that California increase it’s generation of power from renewable resources.  The High Desert is ideal for this with flat land and abundant sunshine/wind throughout the year.  However, each of these companies is not looking at the overall picture of the Antelope Valley.  Although it is favorable to have some of these companies build their systems in the area, there needs to be some overall management or oversight to make sure instead of observing wildflowers, all the eye will see is solar panels and wind turbines.   FRIENDS OF ANTELOPE VALLEY OPEN SPACE  is being organized to educate, inform and work to ensure compromise between man and nature.  Anyone can help out by writing letters, attending local town meetings and becoming aware of the environmental issues that surround them.

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